Japhet De Oliveira on Innovation, the One Project, Adventist Health, Transcending the Present, Keeping People In Suspense and More

Japhet De Oliveira is a living legend.

Currently Story & Experience Executive at Adventist Health, Japhet is also the co-founder of the One Project a bold, at times controversial movement in the Adventist faith community celebrating the supremacy of Jesus which famously has as its slogan: Jesus. All.

Originally from the UK, Japhet is one of the funniest people I know. He’s as innovative as they come. I’ve known him for a long time and whenever I see him take on a new role or project I can’t help being excited about what he’s about to create.

Japhet is a natural leader and I know very few people with his ability to inspire people and empower them to give their best to what tend to be innovative mold-shattering new projects.

We cover all kinds of good stuff in this interview. Japhet shares how he thinks about innovation, risk and the future. We also talk about the future of the One project and why Japhet will never give us the final vision for this project (or anything else he’s planning.)

If you want to create something or rethink the status quo, Japhet is 100% worth paying attention to. Enjoy!

Show Notes

3:21 – Bjorn reminisces on Japhet’s plan in the late 90s to have Newbold College youth hand out bananas in Bracknell center.
4:07 – Japhet talks about his love for experimentation and tinkering.
4:48 – Japhet’s ancestors and their role starting the Adventist Church in the south of Brazil.
5:50 – We are all called to redefine things.
7:08 – Japhet has always had a passion for looking at things and asking “What if…?”
8:04 – Young Japhet at the Picasso museum.
8:25 – How Japhet nearly ruined the early days of his marriage.
8:40 – How to appreciate a painting.
9:10 – Art inspires the creative juices.
10:50 – The goal of Adventist Health.
12:30 – Problems at traditional Adventist institutions.
16:00 – How has Japhet’s involvement in the One Project changed since starting to work at AH?
17:10 – What is the next chapter for the One Project?
17:25 – Thoughts on shutting down/restarting the One Project.
18:42 – What is the purpose of faith and community?
21:30 – Future physical One Project gatherings.
22:00 – We have to learn how to transcend the present.
23:15 – How to think about risk/sticking your neck out as an innovator.
24:00 – Be prepared for nobody to like what you do.
24:48 – Innovation has to be the result of God calling you to something.
25:19 – Don’t be dependent on external affirmation.
25:57 – Don’t reveal what the final vision is.
28:00 – Only go public with projects once they are ready.
29:50 – How to deal with the frustration of the long road ahead.


Newbold College

Andrews University

Boulder Adventist Church

the One project 

Adventist Health

Musée national Picasso-Paris

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