What’s Next For Ben Carson?

30 December 2020 | Current US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, is no stranger to reinvention.

Carson made a name for himself as a pioneering pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins University Medical Center before running for United States President in 2016.

In early 2017, Carson was the only Seventh-day Adventist appointed to President Donald Trump’s cabinet. Approaching the end of his term as HUD Secretary, Carson is said to be planning the launch of a think tank.

News site Axios quoted a source in Carson’s “inner circle” that stated the think tank would focus on “increasing self-sufficiency” and “promoting religious freedom.”

According to Axios, Carson wants to “start an organization that will promote Trump’s policies and foster bipartisan dialogue.”

In addition, the source says Carson wants to “heal the wounds of divisiveness.”

Carson has reportedly told people close to him that he intends to start the think tank after Trump leaves office in January.

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