Adventist Innovation Roundup – Friday, December 4, 2020

Welcome to Adventist Innovation Roundup, a look at Adventist ingenuity in recent headlines worldwide. This week we look at cleaning robots at a Los Angeles-based Adventist hospital, helpful tools for family cyber security, a Business Insider podcast about the innovative and controversial Kellogg brothers, as well as a very smart and incredibly Adventist use of drone technology in Brazil:

Robots at Los Angeles-based Adventist Health White Memorial were featured this week in a Politico piece titled How the pandemic enabled a robot revolution.

In the Adventist hospital “seven devices the size of mini-fridges zip around to disinfect patient rooms with UV light,” according to the piece in Politico’s healthcare trends newsletter Future Pulse.

Politico reports the robots at White Memorial could help contain the spread of coronavirus without unnecessary exposure to patients and staff. The robots were launched before the pandemic but the crisis has generated more interest in robotic assistance in helping ensure staff safety.

Adventist inventor Daryl Gungadoo recently did a video interview on cyber security for families with Highland, Maryland-based New Hope Adventist Church.

Gungadoo, who also heads up the innovative media lab at the Adventist Review, offers a lot of resources for keeping family internet activity safe.

Here’s a list of resources that pop up, included with New Hope’s interview with Gungadoo:

Recommended tools for managing kids’ internet use



Annual Fee:
www.kaspersky.com (Safe Kids)
www.mcAfee.com (Family Premier)
www.norton.com (Safe Family)

Password Test

Safe Christian video content available on multiple devices

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force—Maryland State Police

Sample Contract for Devices

This week, Business Insider took a stroll down Adventist memory lane with a podcast dedicated to the extremely innovative and frequently controversial brothers John Harvey and Will Keith Kellogg.

The Kellogg’s were born into an Adventist family in the mid 1800s and were closely tied to the early health reform efforts of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The Business Insider podcast is a conversation with Howard Markel, author of The Kelloggs: The Battling Brothers of Battle Creek.

John Harvey was the director of Battle Creek Sanitarium, the first Adventist medical facility of its kind. Will Keith was more entrepreneurially-minded and founded the famous Kellogg’s cereal brand.

The brothers were amazing accomplished: John Harvey’s medical innovations were so famous he wound up treating several American presidents.  Will Keith’s marketing and business instincts launched Kellogg’s products onto the breakfast tables of Americans and the brand is still notoriously popular around the world.

The brothers clashed against each other to a ridiculous extent. Here’s how Business Insider puts it: “John Harvey and Will were bitter rivals, and they waged war over the very food that made them famous.”

Check out the Business Insider podcast for more.

Drone delivery of consumer products hasn’t quite made it mainstream yet but that didn’t stop Brazilian Adventists from using a drone for outreach. Church members in Fortaleza, Ceará, (northeastern) Brazil, recently used a drone to deliver the book A Maior Esperança (The Greatest Hope) to members of the public.

“A volunteer asked people if they would like to receive a gift. If they answered in the affirmative, a drone dropped off a copy of the book to them,” said an Adventist Today article about the innovative book distribution.

Those who read Portuguese can learn more about the drone outreach from the original South American Division news story here.

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