How To Build A Climbing Wall On Sheer Faith

For the first-ever AdventInnovate video interview I talked to some good friends of mine, Brian and Jessica Atwell who founded, own and operate the F5 Climbing Center right next to the largest university in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jessica, Joseph, Asher, Prudence and Brian Atwell!

The Atwells came to Thailand in early 2014 on sheer faith, wanting to set up an Adventist evangelism training center of some kind. In this interview they tell the story of how this idea transformed into a God-given vision (and downright miraculous funding) for a climbing wall in the middle of Bangkok’s urban jungle as well as a plant-based bakery, smoothie bar and church facility, all in one 5-story center of influence dedicated to innovative, urban outreach.

I hope you enjoy this interview and are inspired by how God has used the Atwells. Thanks for your patience with some of the audio on my end, I’m learning as I go😉

Click here to support the Atwells and their mission in Bangkok.

For some great before and after visuals of the F5 Challenge Center (the umbrella name for the multi-feature facility), check out the video below:

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