Concierge Minister – A Pastor For People Who Skip Church

21 September 2021 | Want a pastor but could do without going to church? Concierge Minister, a platform offering the services of a personal pastor/spiritual guide might be for you.

Concierge Minister is run by Kumar Dixit, an ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister who among other things, has served as pastor of Oakridge Adventist Church in Vancouver, Canada and Ministerial Director of the British Columbia Conference.

Dixit is the executive director Concierge Minister which, according to its website, is “an online ministry that provides spiritual support to people who are seeking God who may not have a home church.”

Dixit has a Doctorate in Leadership Excellence (Wesley Theological Seminary) and is a board-certified clinical chaplain. He’s also a pastoral counselor and says his goal is to help everyone he meets live their best life.

Through Concierge Minister, Dixit coaches clients on how to develop a spiritual plan to discover their purpose and tap into their potential.

The first step is a Spiritual Assessment where Dixit looks at your “spiritual history, ​problems you have faced, and the goals you hope to achieve.”

After the assessment, Dixit helps clients with a “personalized plan based on your spiritual history and future goals.”

Dixit then offers counseling and coaching to help you reach your goals: “Sometimes you need to have someone to bounce an idea off, or need an objective listening ear. There are other times you need a heavy-duty tune-up,” says his website.

After that comes what Dixit calls Discipleship: “Throughout the year, you will be invited to participate in online bible devotions, group prayer times, book clubs, teachings to download, service opportunities, and more. You will also receive a weekly email with a menu to pick and choose based on your interest and availability.”

Among other services described on Concierge Minister, are pet blessings:

This option sees Dixit “customize a special pet blessing, asking God to pour his love upon your furry friend.”

He offers “Pet friendly anointing oil and liturgy used for the whole family.”

And yes, Dixit also does pet funerals. “Do not do this alone!” says Concierge Minister’s website. “Your beloved pet should be remembered and memorialized by your family and close friend.  Customized memorial and burial service are available.”

Concierge Minister is available for a monthly donation of whatever size the client desires.

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