Behind the Scenes

Hey there, 

I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Bjorn Karlman and I’m obsessed with celebrating and encouraging innovation in the Seventh-day Adventist community.

In 2012 my wife Jammie and I decided to reinvent our lives, quit our jobs in Northern California and travel the world doing the things we dreamed about. We handed in our resignation letters, sold most of what we owned and bought round-the-world plane tickets. 

Long story short, we’ve never stopped traveling and have built a digital publishing business we can run from just about anywhere. We’ve lived in Asia (our daughter, Journie, was born in Thailand), Europe, Africa, the United States and Latin America. In most of the countries we visited, we found Adventist churches and communities full of fascinating, creative people using their God-given, innovative powers to do really inspiring things.

The idea behind AdventInnovate is to give a platform to these brilliant, entrepreneurial, artistic, inventive and service-minded people in the Adventist community. This is a place to share ideas, inspire and top up your innovation tank.

Let’s do this!


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